1176 kick drum settings

And what that is is first of all a ratio of 12 to one. And while the 1176 is capable of compressing signals with minimal distortion, heavy amounts of gain reduction result in significant saturation, which is perfect for fattening up drum tracks. Now this is typically the slowest setting on just about every other compressor limiter, both hardware and software. I am mixing one of my own songs at the moment and have a problem with parallel compression. UA 1176 Compressor Settings Tutorial. This approach will add volume and density to your drums by bringing up low-level details, like the decay of the drum hits and the room ambience. - [Voiceover] Universal Audio 1176 is one of the all time…best compressor limiters,…but it can be a little tricky to set up.…Here's a tried and true setting that's been used on hits for…almost 50 years called the Dr. Pepper setting.…Now the reason why it's called the Dr. Pepper setting…is because back in the 60's, the company that owned the…Dr. A quick snapshot of our setup… What are your settings on parallel compressing a kick drum? I duplicated the 808 kick drum to do parallel compressing but don't know how to set the compressor properly. But on the 1176, this is the fastest. The venerable and very useful 1176 compressor from Universal Audio has few controls but they are powerful and sometimes confusing. The kick is always less attacking, but the degree of attack can vary. If a hard beater is used, then the sound will be attacking. Fast release times can make drums sound bigger and more aggressive. Differences between the snare drum and the kick drum The main difference between the snaredrum and the kick drum is that the snare is always a very attacking sound with a sharp transient. He would usually add in a kick drum mic and occasionally use a snare drum close mic. Okay knowing that, let's go to the Bones Howe 1176 setting. This is an all analog, stereo FET compressor using discrete circuitry based on the original legendary 1176. There are two approaches to setting the release time on drums: Approach #1 – Set The Release As Fast As Possible. The big thing about the 1176 is the fastest settings are to the right. In this video Fab explains all relevant settings and shows example on how to make the best of them in a musical way. This drum miking technique uses one overhead mic, several feet above the center of the kick, and another mic off to the side near the floor tom.

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