12 foot fence panels

Before installing your own fencing, take a look at the following DIY tips: Before you begin erecting a fence, it is important to be sure of your property boundaries by checking the property deeds or consulting an expert. On the more expensive end, there are vinyl fence panels, which are valued at around £20 to £40 per foot. Some fence installers will often charge around £150 a day with the overall time to complete the job being around 1-2 days depending on how much you want fitting. However, concrete is the more durable of the two, because unlike wood, concrete is not biodegradable, therefore it is much less prone to rot or insect attacks. This should be left for at least an hour before the panels can be installed. You can build a fence up to 2m without seeking planning permission but always check with the local planning office if you are unsure. Good examples of this include cedar cladding which can be fused with slate to give a stone wall effect for just £20 to £50 per square metre. The holes made should be 2ft wide and three times the size of your posts, so there is enough room to hammer them in. The most popular fence material is wood, which is used in the majority of gardens across the UK. A new garden fencing does not need planning permission as long as it is under 2 metres high. 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In a range of heights, perfect for adding not only privacy but added security to your garden. If you have chosen wooden fence boards, they should also be treated to avoid any rot or insect infestations. You may also need to repaint your wooden fence panels every couple of years to give them a freshen up, so it may be worth purchasing paint and primer, which will total an average of £30. Avoid any contractors that try to drag out the process, as you should not have to wait weeks to have your fences erected. © Copyright Screwfix Direct Ltd 2020 Company Registration no: 3006378 VAT Registered: 232555575. Before installing wood panels, the tradesperson may advise you to invest in treated gravel boards, as these will prevent the wood from touching the floor and rotting. Want to know how much it costs to install or replace a fence? Here is a breakdown of the costs associated with different garden wall materials. They are also much easier to install, as wooden fence boards can be fixed directly to the posts. This is because concrete is less likely to rot, meaning your fences will last a lot longer than they would with wood gravel boards. Is it to protect your home or offer you more privacy? For example, if you require 8 fence panels for your back garden, then you would need 9 regular fence posts, which would come to a total of £90. Fence panels need to be treated with a wood preservative after installation, then painted/stained/treated annually throughout the lifetime of the fence. By splitting the cost, you could get opt for an expensive material for half the price that will last a long time. What is involved with installing fence panels? These are also great for security purposes, as they are adorned on top of fence posts, making it difficult for intruders to climb over. Wood offers a level of sustainability, especially if you use pre-treated wood. Below are some estimated costs of hiring a tradesperson to install timber fence boards in an average UK garden, which is around 15 metres long. For listed building consent, you will not have to pay, however, for householder planning permission you could be charged up to £206 for submitting an application. This website uses cookies. In most cases, you will not have to apply for planning permission to erect fencing. Here are the varying costs of stone wall material which are priced per square metre. There is no special technique involved here, just good old-fashioned hard work with a pry bar and a lump hammer! 3663602431671. If you want to build a stone wall in your garden but cannot afford the expense, then you could consider combining other materials with stone to create an equally impressive landscape. Then, if the old fence posts are still standing, dig out the first and last posts of the run, then cut all the other posts as low to the ground as possible. Another option would be to check if your council offer a bulk pick-up service, most areas do offer this with starting prices from £30 to have it taken away. How much is it to have fence panels installed? *Delivered direct from our suppliers in the number of working days stated on the delivery button. New and improved straighter edge design; Overlap slat design for increased privacy; Made with additional vertical strengthening battens for added durability; Dip Treated products If you have to apply for planning permission, then you may incur a service charge of £20.83 plus VAT. If you have an existing fence that needs replacing, you must first dismantle the old fence. You can do this yourself or get a quote from a professional painter who will make sure the job is done properly. A gravel board is a panel made up of wood or concrete which is placed at the bottom of your fence panels to offer a better aesthetic. While the basic materials make up the majority of the price, there are also added extras that you must consider. While rates will vary with different companies, the average cost for labour for a back garden fence installation is between £5 to £15 per linear foot. Add privacy and security. Substantial and stylish panel with a contemporary look. To help you decide which fence material is right for you, take a look at how much a fence posts costs to install or replace for both concrete and wood. A fence over two metres or one metre high if you live near a highway. To help you understand what the job entails, here is a general breakdown of how a tradesperson will install your fence panels. Pilot holes will then be made in the ground to make room for metal spikes which will be hammered in and levelled out to support the fence posts. Can be used without gravel boards. Tradespeople may decide to work in pairs if a large number of fence panels are to be fitted, as this will allow them to complete the job quickly. Below you can find a breakdown of the cost per post.

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