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I would start off with a 3:1 ratio with 0 to 2 ms of attack and 100 ms of release. Keep in mind that these are only suggestions on how to set your compressor in order to achieve certain effects. In a pop ballad or a boss nova tune for example, you don’t necessarily want the bass to jump out of the mix. We’ll achieve this with a few guidelines for to you follow… as well as make sure you’re approaching your bass-lines in your mix from the correct perspective, no matter the genre. Of course, a similar setting might not be suitable for mellower or more laid back musical styles. Your email address will not be published. Because compressors typically boost the level of the softer signals, any noise that is present will get boosted as well. The human ear tends to pick up high frequency sounds more readily than low frequency sounds. Characteristic: Soft and gentle with a mellow attack, Characteristics: Powerful attack, well-defined notes, Suitable for: Rock, Up-tempo Pop, Hip-hop, Characteristic: Subtle reduction of dynamic range, Characteristics: Long, sustaining notes, consistent level. Takes up more space on your pedalboard compared to other pedals. MXR M87 Compressor When it comes to bass compressors, the M87 offers a large variety of options when it comes to sculpting your tone. And that’s essentially the whole principle of compressing bass. What I'd really like to experiment with is using the "clean boost" setting on my Multiwave Bass Distortion to change the EQ for slapping--cut some high mids, and get rid of all that string noise. This principle is what led to the pump-and-suck sound (Ableton Blog link) that we get in modern house and EDM tracks. Since the electric bass has a wider dynamic range than many instruments, compression is often applied in order to maintain a more even volume level and to match the dynamics of the kick drum. An inherently clean and noise-free compressor circuit will give you the desired effect without adding any noise. By Dan Veall (Bass Player) 25 February 2020. In particular, increasing the ‘attack’ will let more of the bass’ initial transients through, enhancing note definition and helping it punch through the mix. By boosting only the softer part of the signal and attenuating the peaks, a compressor can make a bass track seem louder than it actually is. Features and Benefits. Don't over-compress. Although there are some important guidelines that you would do well to keep in mind, a healthy degree of experimentation can be invaluable for getting unique and creative results. It's necessary to listen to the part and adjust the compression settings to obtain the sound you want. To use the interactive features of StudyBass, please enable javascript. With a ratio of 6:1 for example, an input signal that goes over the threshold by 6dB will increase the output level by 1dB. I do this on every single bass I … When peaks are reduced, the entire bass part can be boosted in the mix without adding distortion. The ratio might be something like 3:1 (3 to 1). Then slowly lower the compression amount until it suits your taste. Remember, compression is a subtle effect. Oftentimes, compression is as much about technique as it is about art. Hear the sound demos and settings examples for the CompIQ Stella Compressor Pedal with a bass instrument. Remember, the settings depend upon both the music and the playing style of the bassist. This specifies how soon the compression effect will cease after the signal dips below the threshold. If you want to learn more about our affiliate partners, click here. (Many TV sets now include limiters to squash loud commercials.). It’s probably the setting I’d choose on bass if I had the option. If you click on one of these links to purchase a product or service that we recommend, we will be compensated it. One of the most sought-after qualities of a bass compressor is transparency. Oftentimes, the settings aren’t even different – the compressor plugin is literally duplicated to the space beneath it! Honest Gear Suggestions for Home Studio Owners and Music Producers. Simply boosting the entire signal (by applying gain or pushing up the fader) would result in the transient peaks (typically the louder, initial attack of the bass notes) to clip the audio circuitry. Then tweak the other settings from that point. You might adjust it from 0 (engages immediately) to a few milliseconds (waits 2 to 10 ms). This specifies how quickly the compressor affects the signal. (You can read about some effective techniques from ProAudiFiles blog). Any signal lower than the threshold will be unaffected. In a typical rock song, the bass will have to share sonic space with a loud, pummeling drum beat and heavily distorted guitars. Runs on 12V DC power while other effect pedals run on 9V. Over the years, the characteristic ‘pumping’ and ‘heaving’ sound of a guitar, bass, or drums being heavily compressed has become something of a stylistic and creative signature, and it is a great way to add energy to the mix. An ∞:1 (infinity to 1) means for any signal above the threshold sent to the compressor only 1dB comes out. Set to “soft knee”, the compressor reduces the level of the input signal gradually. Adjust settings like attack or release to get the exact effect you want. This is known as limiting. Try starting at the highest amount of compression and you’ll hear the dynamics squashed. Compression attack refers to when the compression effect is engaged after the signal crosses the threshold. On certain settings, this pedal can let off a little bit of noise, which especially during recording, is a big downside. Some basic models do away with certain features entirely, while others seemingly pack in every feature that has ever been devised. Release is measured in milliseconds (ms). This setting increases the ratio. By utilizing various compression techniques, the bass track can be ‘massaged’ into its desired niche without any perceivable loss in volume or character, which might occur if equalization or level control was employed instead. Let’s take a closer look at the different features of the Markbass Compressore Tube Bass compressor pedal. If you're new to compressors, it may take a fair amount of experimentation to find the setting that most complements your bass playing style and your equipment.

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