basswood vs alder

Joined: May 15, 2012 Because of the wide variance in the quality grades of lumber used, it is difficult to make broad generalizations as to what is better. Feb 17, 2008 Da Shaw. This is a cheap "Legend" guitar which a guy sale in Thailand. I'm curious as to how different they sound. Please tell me this strat. Messages 2,143. Curly Eastern Red Maple top of course. Something to look forward to! Dec 28, 2012 #19 ;-) B. badhorsie551 Member. Basswood will dent more easily and, usually, will produce a lighter instrument. If it's an Alder body, I will buy it. I have nothing bad to say about basswood other than the grain is pretty nondescript for trans or natural finishes. Is this a pound of Basswood vs a pound of Alder? Gemini 51, Andrew Wasson, 3bolt79 and 1 other person like this. nostrilshorts Strat-Talk Member. In the real world, other than choosing which wood to use for a custom guitar, you aren't really likely to see two identical guitars but with different woods used. JP6 - Basswood vs Alder PDN Hey guys, I'm the owner of a standard JP6 (ie Basswood body) and had my eyes on a 2015 PDN JP6 that has an alder body + maple fretboard. Basswood is about 20% softer than alder and it's less dense, as well. Feb 7, 2009 #6. amandolin. I'd like to try a guitar body and neck made out of Spanish Cedar some day. I've been accused of having freakishly good hearing and I think I can hear a difference between basswood and alder, but there are so man variables such as pickups, pots, cable used, shielding, nut material, exact bridge design. bbkingking, May 15, 2012 #1. bbkingking New Member! Never Basswood, Alder or Ash though. I was wondering what everyones opinion is on basswood vs. alder? Basswood is generally lighter but I've had heavier basswood bodies and that weigh about the same as some lighter alder bodies. The listing read that it was a 2000 lake placid blue 62 reissue alder body - which was the wood I was looking to buy - weighing 5 lbs, but it would appear that the 62 MIJ reissue is made out of basswood. I have recently bought a 62 reissue MIJ strat body off of ebay that was listed incorrectly. Age: Many Thanks in advance . In my experience, basswood basses have had less sustain than alder, but there was nothing at all scientific about my observation. Please help me. Messages: 5. body is an Alder or Basswood? A high grade basswood will sound better than a low grade basswood and probably better than a low grade alder (even to my ears). Feb 7, 2009 #5. mongo2. Mar 16, 2008 Lancaster, PA. zeedoctour, Mar 11, 2020 #11.

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