best waves plugin for drums

Next, we used the compressor to help control the dynamics of the snare and add a little snap while we're at it. It works more with resonance than with EQ, so it’s a great way to create presence in the low end without losing control. More importantly, it does all of that well. I I don’t like to go much past 15 on the Drive knob (usually I go for a setting of less than 10). Balance within the stereo spectrum. Examine carefully how the presets are set up for achieving the desired effects: The low level compressor is a great tool for making things louder without losing punch. The “S1 Shuffler” is in fact the full version of the plugin. Also listen back to the material in mono to make sure nothing essential is getting lost. Make sure the output of the plugin stays as loud as the bypassed signal. The metering/monitoring section is very useful and nicely laid out. There are over 200 Waves plugins and a lot of them are essential in creating a solid mix. Match levels using the output gain to make better mixing decisions. You can use it in very subtle ways or go for total mayhem. The plugin is calibrated to work best with green/yellow. It’s easy to do much with this plugin. We'll be using the Scheps 73, an SSL E-Channel Strip, the dbx-160 compressor, API 2500 compressor, the InPhase phase corrector, and the PuigTec EQ to bring this session to life. Waves Plugins # 15 - Trans-X If you are mainly an electronic music producer, it’s highly likely that you have a fetish for perfect kick drums. Try combining expansion with gating, for example. For this particular track we wound up boosting with a bell around 90Hz, making a big, wide-Q cut around 450Hz, and adding a significant boost with a high-shelf around 8kHz. Overall, it’s also the best Waves compressor. On high ratios this compressor can sound similar to the “All buttons in” mode on the legendary UA 1176 unit! Oops, looks like you forgot something. With a low level compressor, any signal that goes below the set threshold gets compressed upward, resulting in increased gain. Trust me, you’ll thank yourself for doing it. You can lose the natural body of the material so be careful. It can sometimes be hard to hear what’s going on with this plugin, because it deals with subtle things. To add the finishing touches, we've added some subtle shelving EQ using the Waves PuigTec. The Mid band is better for enhancing the natural character of the source. Smack Attack. See the details in the user manual. Watch the input and output meters. Yet it’s there and it could be very loud. Overall, it’s also the best Waves compressor. It’s very inspiring. It is very useful. careful and use a spectrum analyzer to verify what is going on. Waves has since become synonymous with digital audio and mixing "in-the-box.". Waves has been a staple in the audio community since they released the Q10 Paragraphic Equalizer in 1992. For emphasizing punch and impact in a full mix, try focusing “Low” and “Punch” towards the center. Remember that a little goes a long way in mastering! Next, let's scoop out some of the midrange with a hefty cut around 500Hz. I use the drive setting to get the right amount of character. They will let you set the compressor to react differently to different frequencies. I recommend studying it properly to get the most out of this plugin. My favorite is the “Drive” knob. In addition it does expansion and de-essing. Combine the reverb with the delay also found in the FX panel of Flow Motion and you are in for a hell of ride! Thankfully, Waves has a plug-in for every occasion. The plugin installs with 2 different versions: H-Reverb and H-Reverb (long). Play with the compressors – they all sound quite distinct and good in their own way. The dynamic range is thus compressed, pushing low levels up while leaving high levels as they were. It pushes the input gain against a clipper, creating a similar effect where the input of a hardware reverb unit is being pushed hard (I still use many hardware reverbs too and I push their inputs all the time). Obviously I can’t test every plugin in the world, so please also always do your own testing! Privacy policy. Finally, we added a little compression to help control the transients. Opto has fast release times at high gain reduction and slow release times as it approaches zero gain reduction. Finally, for a little extra "oomph," lets send the snare channels to a dbx-160 for some parallel compression. Wave have long been creating for the digital compressor plugin market and their CLA Classic Compressors bundle claims to offer the latest and most complete package.. Hit the switch on the top right corner of each module for extended functionality. Recommended when minimal coloration is desired. Launch price: $179 | Formats: … You can always set up a nice EQ after the J37 to make up for the loss of high frequencies on the 7.5 ips setting.

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