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If you are looking for a cheap electric guitar whatever your playing skill level you will still want your money's worth and you might be surprised at just what you can get for very little investment, so let's have a look. Wholesale custom body Stratocaster Chrome Tremolo Floyd Rose Electric Guitar. 1-16 of over 1,000 results for "cheap electric guitar" Skip to main search results Eligible for Free Shipping. Les Paul guitars have a solid body with paint designs that range from blocks of colour to quilted vinyl and even sunburst. Of course a seasoned professional with the top of the range, high end, and boutique collections probably won't find as much merit in these budget-friendly guitars most are still pleasantly surprised with what is actually achievable and attainable will lower priced tonewoods and cheaper manufacture. Why We Liked It - The Yamaha Pacifica PAC012 is a stat inspired instrument that delivers good tones and adds a touch of modernization to the shape with is contoured edges, it is low priced and makes for a great first ax. It was a go-to for Gibson with their Les Paul Jr and SG's. It has a U shaped maple neck with rosewood fingerboard it is a slightly larger scale length with 24 frets and typical nut width. + Good tone woods. With constant technological leaps and companies working hard to redesign with smaller budgets in mind, the industry is a competitive hub of activity. The Epiphone Les Paul Special-II whilst many could sit and argue the differences until the early hours provide a fantastic homage to their flash friends. It has five-way switching with a master control for volume. To avoid getting a bad deal, you will want to stick with a reliable brand and make sure you are buying from an official source for them. In this article we are going to take a gander at the 9 best cheap electric guitars that don't suck, to try and highlight the ways in which of the best guitar brands have managed to make great electric guitars more accessible to the masses. The brand and material of the guitar are two important factors that most people choose. Guitar gear doesn't define the guitar player, many professionals have a sentimental connection with their first guitar and many greats started on a budget guitar. Music Critic was founded in 1998, and publishes album and single reviews, music articles, concert and live band reviews and instrument and equipment guides. Pros: + Aesthetically pleasing. Pros: + High quality construction, no outsourcing. The short answer is yes! Our last review is this Jackson JS22 Dinky which is an archtop electric guitar it is made of basswood and covered in a polyurethane coat. Can you get a good cheap electric guitar? Sometimes the only thing they really differ on is their aesthetics because ultimately if there was a cheaper way to produce an electric guitar without compromising the sound they would be doing it already. So we have seen them reach an equilibrium where the majority of guitars at each price level don't really differ radically they offer the best available parts and construction for the given cost. It is another great cheap electric option which provides the sound and image of a Fender Affinity Telecaster topped with its comfortable play-ability. The Fender Affinity Stratocaster delivers the notorious Fender Strat tones and is available as an economically priced kit the Fender Stratocaster comes with a guitar amp leads strap and everything you could possibly ever need down to an Alan key! Pros: + Rare tonewood. Pros: + Humbucking. + 24 jumbo frets. How do you tell if you are getting a quality import? The LTD own-brand pickups are of a superb quality it is important to note that before stepping into guitar manufacture ESP manufactured pick ups and other components for many of their competitors top brand guitars. The fingerboard is also bound with shark-fin inlays. Gibson took on Epiphone purely to stop their biggest rivals. It might be worth checking out our Best Guitar Brands in 2020 article for a little extra info on the subsidiary companies and the budget lines provided by some of the worlds guitar manufacturing industry leaders. All of the 9 best cheap guitars we have reviewed here in this article are Amazon listed and we have provided all the necessary links. Pros: + Great tones. This is a solid entry-level budget friendly guitar from Dean we have seen them take a bit of a breather over recent years with their main lines but they have been putting a lot of their efforts into affordable options we don't often see Deans below the $200.

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