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Galvanized Garden Staples. To maintain physical distancing, all products will be available for curbside pickup. A root cellar is a quirky old home attribute. If there was no room available to add a root cellar beneath or near the home, a cold … Virtually unbreakable, twin-wall polycarbonate panels diffuse over 70% of the harsh sunlight for an even, soft light and block the harmful UV sun rays. Easy-Out Earth … Using your cold frame in the spring allows you to wean peas and bean sowings and harden off tender young plants, while in autumn and winter it will extend your growing season and look after cuttings ready for the new year. We are resuming our normal hours of 1:00-4:30 on … Enjoy Spacious Greenhouse Gardening. It’s also easy to insulate your cold … Before people had refrigerators, they used a cool, dirt-floor cellar beneath the house for storage, especially for autumn’s harvest. Shop our online store for your favorite Cold Garden Spirits products. Made from rust-resistant, 11-gauge galvanized steel wire. A root cellar can also be a separate structure near the house. Earth staples keep row covers, shade nets and plastic mulches in place. High headroom 91" … Easy to install and remove.

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