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It is not known for sure about this species, but based on other bird of paradise species of the same size, it is believed that the female Wilson’s bird of paradise lays between 1 and 3 eggs per clutch and that they are tan or brown with dark spots. After mating, the female will go about her business of building a nest while the male heads back to his mating dance arena to attract a new female. 1. At what age do Wilson's bird of paradise lay eggs? As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases. Moreover, this is a poorly known species and no population estimates are available. The Wilson’s bird of paradise is an elusive bird that mostly stays to itself outside of the breeding season, so it may be challenging to see it in the wild. Topping off his fancy suit are long, violet-blue tail feathers that split into two curlicues. Adult males can weigh anywhere between 1.86 and 2.36 ounces (53 and 67 g) while adult females may weigh between 1.83 and 2.11 ounces (52 and 60 g). Predators and Threats. Its diet consists mainly of fruit and small insects. What eats a Wilson's bird of paradise? But, don’t despair because we offer you the following 26 interesting Wilson's bird of paradise facts. The male Wilson’s Bird-of-Paradise sports more colors than any other bird in the family. ), 17 Cool Birds That Throw Some Serious Shade (Pictures. It’s pretty small itself and only reaches 8.3 inches (21cm) in length and 1.8 to 2.2 ounces (51-62g) in weight. Thanks to experts like the British naturalist, David Attenborough, who first filmed this bird’s mating dance in 1996, we know that this bird is obsessed with cleaning his arena before inviting a female over to his place. You probably won’t see a more fancy-looking bird than Wilson’s bird of paradise. I’m 18, and I have a passion for birds. The Latin name for the Wilson’s bird of paradise is Diphyllodes respublica. 16. Little is known of wild bird of paradise behavior, but it is thought that natural predators include hawks and snakes. 20. Wilson's bird of paradise is an omnivore (animal which eats other animals and plants). 3. 23. 30 Potoo Facts: The Bird Behind the Meme (7 Potoo Species) Tons of Photos! 15. Lol. The Wilson's Bird of Paradise is a small bird of the Paradisaeidae family. Males are more brightly colored compared to females. Out of the whole bird of paradise family, Wilson’s species remains the most poorly known, so it’s difficult to say for sure whether they are aggressive or not. What is Wilson's bird of paradises call? The diet consists mainly of fruits and small insects. Are Wilson's bird of paradises friendly? He also sports a yellow cape, an emerald breast, violet legs and feet, and a pale green inner mouth. 4. Every bird has a story. 25. But, when the British naturalist, Edward Wilson, purchased a specimen of a bird that was unknown at the time, Napoleon’s nephew, Charles Lucien Bonaparte, named it after Wilson. Wilson’s bird of paradise is an omnivore and its diet consists mainly of fruit and small insects. When you use my links, I may earn an affiliate commission. The male Wilson's Bird-of-Paradise sports more colors than any other bird in the family. 8. 5. While many bird species can carry parasites and diseases such as avian influenza (bird flu) and avian malaria, there is no current information on any Wilson’s bird of paradise diseases. Researchers do occasionally take blood samples of various birds on the islands where these birds of paradise live, but there aren’t any readily available reports of any diseased Wilson’s birds of paradise on the Internet. He did this because he was a dedicated republican and wanted to honor the commonwealth over royalty. Female builds nest and takes care of the eggs. 12. Wilson’s bird of paradise is an omnivore and its diet consists mainly of fruit and small insects. I’m so happy you liked this one! While this bird of paradise prefers the tropical hill forests and moss forests at elevations of around 1,000 feet (300 m), it has also been observed in lowland rainforests and higher mountain forests. She is the founder and owner of EverywhereWild Media, EverywhereWild, and co-founder and owner of JustBirding. However, multiple males have been observed displaying in the same area without any signs of being territorial. Facts…), 15 Songs About Birds (You’ll Actually Want to Listen to) Audio & Video, Best Compass for Hiking (+10 Runners-Up) Buyer’s Guide / Terms Explained, How to Choose the Best Camera for Wildlife Photography (Birding Guide), 27 Inca Tern Facts: The Bird With a Mustache (Larosterna inca). wilson's bird of paradise diet. What do Wilson's bird of paradises eat? Unlock thousands of full-length species accounts and hundreds of bird family overviews when you subscribe to Birds of the World. The Wilson’s bird of paradise averages about 6.3 inches (16 cm) in length. What bird would like to see me cover? Male performs unusual dancing ritual to attract female's attention. Snakes, hawks, owls, and humans are some of the known predators of this bird of paradise. No, Wilson’s birds of paradise do not mate for life. The male is a red and black bird-of-paradise with a yellow mantle on its neck, a light-green mouth, blue feet and two curved violet tail feathers. Who described unidentified bird that was purchased by British naturalist Edward Wilson. What other names does the Wilson's bird of paradise have? 10. Is the Wilson's bird of paradise endangered? 54 Gifts for Bird Lovers: Gear, Books, Apparel, and Other Awesome Stuff, 20 Nocturnal Birds That Burn the Midnight Oil (Owls, Nightjars … and Parrots? wilson's bird of paradise diet. If you have any questions (or answers) that are not included in this post, please be sure to let us know in the comments. By whatever mechanism they are produced, the combined result is one of the most colorful animals on the planet. Females of this species begin laying eggs when they become sexually mature which is believed to between 2 and 3 years of age. Discover them all with Birds of the World. Drew Haines is an animal enthusiast, travel writer, and content marketer. Diphyllodes respublica. Do Wilson's bird of paradises carry disease? As captivating as this bird is, there is far less information documented about it compared to other species. 9. The Wilson’s bird of paradise is an omnivore, feeding on both plants and animals. Mating season of Wilson's bird of paradise takes place two times per year: from May to June and in October. The Wilson’s bird-of-paradise diet is consists mainly of fruits, small insects and arthropods. His unique, turquoise crown (which is visible at night) is mostly bald with a few black feathers that create a criss-cross shape. Currently based in N.S., Canada. The Wilson’s bird of paradise lives only on the islands of Batanta and Waigeo which are located off the northern coast of West Papua, Indonesia.

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