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Stone and the craft beer industry are growing older, bigger and more mature. “The only way Stone Brewing Company will be allowed to exist is if we maintain our standards.”, Our daily roundup of San Diego’s most important stories (Monday-Friday). There is a conspiracy of low expectations in this country.”. But Cafferty questions his push to have others market San Diego as a craft beer destination while boasting that Stone doesn’t spend money on advertising. In his world, it’s us-versus-them, and they’re winning. In 2010, Koch was inducted into the Green Bay Packers Hall of Fame. Doughnuts as breakfast. Koch, his beers, their branding, all implicitly proclaim: We aren’t afraid to piss you off. Koch was just recently included in The 100 greatest Packers Players for the 100 year celebration of the NFL checking in at number 67. Read More. Customers find Stone, not the reverse. Koch played in the All-America Bowl in Tampa, Florida after the 1976 season. A second-round draft choice in 1977 from the University of Arkansas, Koch played nine seasons (1977–85) in Green Bay, appearing in 133 games. Greg Koch is 49, lives in Solana Beach with his partner, Sara Tobin, and drives a Tesla Model S. He’s a self-identified righteous young man, who despite his age and success still believes things are run by The Man. Industrial companies won’t be allowed to buy it as a result, he says. Some reports have the match lasting upwards of 15 hours. “It is quite doubtful that you have the taste or sophistication to be able to appreciate an ale of this quality and depth. Despite being wanted back by the Vikings in 1988, he then went to law school and has been a practicing attorney and part-time radio host in Houston Texas since 1992. Podcasts available on: Processed cheese product as cheese. An example: “Greg Koch is a precocious snob, who would be lucky to be as brash and unappealing as his company’s marketing is,” reads one critical ode. There’s an unusual contrast in Koch. He tells an audience of suits and flannel that he wants the San Diego region to become as synonymous with craft beer as Napa is with wine. Koch, a 1987 University of Southern California grad, is the mouthpiece for Stone and its line of strong beers, with names like Sublimely Self-Righteous Ale and Arrogant Bastard Ale. Philosophy. He learned what it meant to be a businessman from his late father, who owned an auto-interior manufacturing company in Ohio, where Koch grew up. He’s long damned the conglomerates that snap up or try to imitate fast-growing companies like his. “Put the ‘Key’ back in Keystone,” Koch says in the video. He says he suffered acute, chronic gastrointestinal problems throughout high school and college because of his junk food consumption, a health problem that he says left him depressed, isolated and afraid to be in social situations. Moderate alcohol drinkers are the longest lived segment of the population.”. He makes a living selling beer. Yeah, maybe,” Blair says. He doesn’t tell people they should drink, he says. Koch was a mediocre student, one for whom drafting a resume was an afterthought. That’s, of course, what The Man wants. A fixture at right tackle almost immediately upon his arrival, he was a Second-team All-Pro selection following the 1982 season and was part of one of the greatest offenses in club history when the Packers amassed 6,172 yards in 1983, the second-best output ever in club annals. While craft beers are still a single-digit percentage of the country’s domestic beer consumption, the industry has a $300 million annual economic impact in San Diego County, according to a recent study by the National University System Institute for Policy Research. Official website of guitar fiend Greg Koch from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Rob Davis was formerly a senior reporter for Voice of San Diego. We rely on people like you to support this service. In it, he shows off a new can of Keystone Light. His narrative: Industrialized food conglomerates sell processed crap that our brains have been unwittingly programmed to crave. Listen close as he makes his arguments, and you’ll pick up some of the tension in Koch and his preaching. Scot Blair, Hamilton’s owner, calls Koch “the beer messiah,” a man with his own personal brand and yet his own fallibility and goofiness. He throws down this accusation: Grand Rapids, Mich., is doing a better job promoting its breweries (“they’re wonderful!” he notes) than San Diego. Koch calls himself – and indirectly, the rest of the country – idiotic for having ever eaten it. Koch has been clear about his plans for his own fast-growing company, which he says will never sell out to major corporations. “That alone would be huge,” he says, “and there’d be a huge return for it.”. Greg Koch, Stone Brewing Company. He is a licensed attorney and co-host of In The Trenches with Koch and Kalu on SportsTalk 790 KBME in Houston, Texas. “There’s no question about it. Good choices (like backyard chickens) can be cheap, he says. Four men stand at the front of the room, three looking predictably San Diego: toned-down formal, eschewing ties, or jackets, or both. “It is a fight,” the Orange County native says. Also known for his 16 hour drinking contest with WWE Lex Luger. He offers them a better, tastier alternative if they do. Going out for any period of time – I could feel very unpleasant with no notice. That same season Koch was a First-team All-SWC. Koch brings personal experience to his fight. We buy them and our health pays the consequences. “But he also exhibits intelligence and humility.”. The Wine Down - Real Beer: Inside Stone Brewing with Greg Koch One of Stone’s mottos is “Fizzy yellow beer is for wussies.” In Koch’s narrative, those who disagree are automatons doing what mass marketing conglomerates tell them. iTunes and Stitcher, 110 West A St. Suite 650, San Diego, CA 92101 -Greg Koch. Their bold personality is in him and his in them. [citation needed]. The company keeps most sales figures private but says it netted $84 million in revenue in 2011. Greg Koch (born June 14, 1955) is a former American football tackle and guard who played eleven seasons in the National Football League, mainly with the Green Bay Packers. Though Koch’s influence in San Diego is growing, his message hasn’t always resonated in its more traditional business community (where you don’t find many shoulder-length beards). He wants tourism agencies to start by doing the same grassroots-style marketing that Stone does (with a website, social media presence and promo appearances). Rumor has it, while he was with the Dolphins, Koch lost an epic drinking battle with Lawrence Wendell Pfohl better known by the ring name Lex Luger. He writes the labels, which serve as condensed versions of his dystopian worldview but also play to his beer-geek base. Stone In the Time of COVID. The brewery's first beer was Stone Pale Ale, which was considered to be its flagship ale until it was retired in 2015. Our stomachs feed profits to corporate shareholders, who care nothing about the resulting public health crisis. For the musician, see,,, Players of American football from Maryland, NFL player missing current team parameter, Articles with unsourced statements from September 2013, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 9 October 2020, at 00:41. They don’t advertise. No doctors asked about his diet. San Diego got 300. Stone Brewing released a 4-plus minute video featuring Koch. Grand Rapids got 27,005 votes. Koch’s persona sits right there on the outside of every bottle. Though he co-founded Stone with Steve Wagner, whom he got to know after taking a day-long sensory perception of beer class at UC Davis in 1989, Koch is the front man, the lead singer, an enigmatic showman with a dramatic flair. Then there’s the fourth. Please donate or sponsor VOSD today. I was in a form of detention.”, His lesson from it all: “I learned to distrust The Man.”. But our brains don’t react to salt, sugar and fat the same way they do alcohol, he says. Don’t you know, he said, that they’re just cardboard flavored with salt and fat? When he realized junk food might be causing his problems and stopped eating it, “I literally got out of jail,” he says. “He’s a larger-than-life personality.”. He’s currently going through legal machinations to lock that ethos into the company’s bylaws. Greg Koch Stone Brewing Blog Author. He was also known in Minnesota for his avid gardening skills and prolific poetry. “I do find some irony in someone who’s told numerous audiences that San Diego should be doing all it can to advertise San Diego as the Mecca of craft beer, and that groups like us should be marketing that – and yet he says things about needing no marketing,” Cafferty says. After the strike in 1987, his former Packer offensive coordinator Bob Schnelker traded two draft choices for him in Minnesota..

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