how to cure fresh ham steaks

adorababy from Syracuse, NY on June 04, 2010: Homemade hams are better because they are not commercialized in flavor. It smells like smoke ham even though we did not actually smoke it. And the result was a delicate, supple meat similar to prosciutto. For me left over ham goes in to a Ham & Gouda Noodle Casserole; Scrambled Eggs with Ham, Ham Sandwiches, 7-Layer Salad (replace bacon with ham); deviled ham puffs; etc…. Buy a fresh ham leg (uncured pork), a half fresh ham, or a piece of fresh ham in whatever size you're comfortable with. what does it mean when the ham doesn't float, i followed the recipe to the line. Nice post Lisa. I always have liquid. I go to the local pig farm and pick up my fresh hams.Along with the ham we usually serve black beans, sweet fried platanos, yuca with a onion/EVO mojo and a avocado tomato salad.I have loved leaning the Cuban cooking from my in-laws.Truly enjoy your blog, do you have to use a leg joint?…or can you use a shoulder?…. Wish me luck-pork is expensive here! I just got back from boar hunting with 200+lbs of meat to process, and of that, 6 hams. I am in a similar situation here in Thailand as I am also unable to buy ready mixed pink salt. I was a boy about 12y/o when my dad did this. It doesn't take a lot of mustard, just enough to make the brown sugar melt and then pour it on and smear around. Thanks. Comments. Will have to try a brine cure one day. TheCosmicCowgirl–I hope to be able to smoke one next time. WHAT TO MAKE WITH HAM STEAK. I don’t have a smokehouse nor do I have a cold basement to cure a country ham, so I decided to make a city ham instead. I saw your glaze recipe and it looks great. He's always loved to cook. Brilliant! i have used both mortons sugar cure, which is a dry rub for bacon and other cuts and used a barbecue injector. I forgot it and left it out for 7 hours. I am butchering my pig this friday. I'd given a passing thought to having a go at cooking some pastrami (not sure why but I have a fixation with it). And this ham can be definitely be glazed. That is so awesome!! i have a salinator to test the brine strength. I'm not a huge ham fan, but I could go for this. 1/4 cup molasses. i forgot to say i had 2 hams cut off the bone, and the meat doesn't float thanks anyone with an answer can e-maqil me at If you know in advance that you want to freeze your ham for later use, try to buy one that's been frozen at the factory. Yes, you want to get sodium nitrite, not potassium nitrate. i used a mix of apple and hickory wood. Step 2. 1. Looks great! Ok so first time here I bought a curing kit from the sausage maker. I'd love to see it... Tideroll 334 from Prattville Alabama on February 15, 2010: john I tried my dry cure I talked with you about back in Nov 09. I am starting from scratch using Morton' Sugar Insta-Cure. I followed your recipe except for the curing salt. I'd like to try your curing method but don't know about finding pink salt. Also very quick, easy and very yummy!! I've been enjoying a cooking blog that's new to me, Mennonite Girls Can Cook, and today they had a recipe for a mustard sauce for ham which is giving me Big Ideas to try it out on Sunday. I buy a whole leg of pork every christmas, and use brown sugar,blacktreacle,cloves,pepper, ,bayleaves,allspice and salt and just the tinest pinch of is really easy and extremely tasty. Ham Steak with Sautéed Apple and Onions Food and Wine. One new favorite is this brown sugar and coffee-glazed ham. Thank you so much for this awesome recipe. John D Lee (author) on November 16, 2010: The 2 liters listed above is good for 6 or 7 pounds of ham, bone in or out. I was looking for an easy-to-do recipe and yours is simply fantastic! I couldn’t stop eating my ham—it was that good. I was trying to get the "insta cure" which until now it seems it is impossible to get. Definitely will do it again! Fresh Ham; Curing mix – you must use a curing salt to make this mix, not regular salt. I don't like sweet taste, what is the effect other than taste by the sugar? Do you have any more input on this, or can you refer me to a source that might have more information? Did the wet cure on a boneless pork leg. Plastic tray – to use during the curing process. 3. Your next assignment with pork and pink salt is Canadian bacon! 1 (also known as Prague powder or pink salt, though do not confuse it with Himalayan salt), which is a mixture of regular salt and sodium nitrates, along with added pink coloring so you won’t mistake it for table salt. ); my case i put 10tsp praque powder#1 @ 7 lbs pork..have undergone rinsing the cured ham 3 times,soaked to warm water,boiled,and cooked in pineapple juice,etc..until now i haven't eaten yet the's just in the freezer, afraid of overdosing praque..pls advise...thanks. We killed several hogs the deer season and wanted to put some of those legs to good use. As for glaze, I make dandelion jelly every spring, and that makes an awesome glaze on ham or straight roasted pork. Hi, I have a 1-3/4 lb uncured ham steak (less than an inch thick) and a 3/4 lb pkg of sliced uncured bacon. Do u need think this will taste as great? Can't comment on lamb, but I cure ham hocks and beef regularly in exactly the manner you describe. Congrats on your win with Saveur's 1st annual food blog awards for best regional cuisine! Great job, and it looks delicious! 1 pink salt. This recipe is a Godsend! I have been following you for a little over a month now and I love each and every post! Queso! Asriel–I think it's OK, but I'd probably use plastic to be safe. John D Lee (author) on December 26, 2009: Provided the meat was stored appropriately prior to freezing, then you can safely cure it once defrosted. I bought an XL Big Green Egg a few years back. Once you get the meat curing process right, your ham will keep for 6 months to a year. With your subscription you’ll receive access to exclusive content for just pennies a day. Hi Patty - I've never used Morton's Tender Quick - and I see that it has both Sodium nitrite and Sodium nitrate listed as ingredients - I think it would probably work, but am not sure about it...anyone know? So I am thinking in mixing 93.75 grams of salt and 6.25 grams of nitrite. annother inspiring recipe!thank-you. If I wet cure a ham can I slice a piece off and eat it without further cooking? We had a back porch that I could brine turkeys in overnight (I used a giant plastic mopping bucket) and because it was usually around 40 degrees on the porch, it worked great for this. Step 4. 1 (5-pound) ham, uncured and uncooked. Tender quick works very well but it takes 1 tablespoon per pound of meat because it has only 0.5% sodium nitrate and 0.5% sodium nitrate. I have just bought another green ham and we are going to make another. Give me ur thoughts. Ashlie–Since you’re immediately refrigerating it and not bringing the water to a boil, it’s not necessary. After this period I also soaked it for one more day in clean water to remove some of the excess saltiness. Reduce the heat to medium-low and add the ham steaks back to the pan. I needed about 2 gal. I'm not a chemist so can't say what will happen if you do, but since the possible consequence of screwing this up is fatal botulism, I think it's a good idea to use what the health and safety experts say you should use! Supplies Needed for Dry Curing a Ham. 1/4 teaspoon ground cloves. Apparently when they enter the body they form one of the most toxic carcinagens known to science!! I turn the meat daily, leave the liquid until finished and have had no problems. Tony Inzana ( on December 22, 2019: Would You cure bacon's with that same brine recipe? Although the nitrites are suppose to give the meat it's color by reacting with the myoglobin in the meat, I have also found recipes that say it isn't necessary, and that the salt in the brine will do the same thing. Regional Recipes for the World's Favorite Chile-Cheese Dip,. Also since these are legislated here the government has very useful information regarding this information. This ham, which after being coated in salt, sugar and black pepper, was hung and left to develop for almost a year. Stir until well combined. I decided to experiment with your recipe this Xmas, but I think I may have made a big mistake. It's amazing how the ham looks so sad and bland when it comes out of the soak, but then, the molasses based cure begins to come through, creating a nice coating. I believe yours looks delicious. So, you can cure ham with only salt, but when doing so, you expose yourself to a very small risk of botulism. I was sure it said instacure when I purchased online. What happens if you cook a ham that's not cured? thank you, Do I have to use nitrates to cure my own ham I have two children who are sensitive to nitrates can I use extra salt to cure the ham instead. It's that time of year again!! sweetie of cebu city philippines on December 23, 2011: is it still safe if the ham i am curing was cured for 3 weeks? Your butcher may have Insta Cure No. hi.. Thanks for the great recipe John. I have a schmickey new electronic smoker and have done some beautiful smoked salmon and Barramundi to die for using rum and maple syrup with Alder wood for smoking.

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