how to grow mustard seeds in cotton

Sprinkle a mixture of the mustard and cress seeds on top of the cotton wool pressing them down lightly. Make sure … Mustard (Brassica spp.) is a cool-season crop in the cabbage family (Cruciferae spp. Fill the egg-shell with soil, kitchen roll or cotton wool and sprinkle the Cress seed on thickly. The plants are suited to a continual harvest. Cut the larger outer leaves off and let the inner leaves continue to grow. Plant two seeds per peat cup. ).While the tender young leaves are harvested as a vegetable and salad green, the seeds are used as spice. A variation on the pot is to grow a cress caterpillar. A great easy to grow plant that children can grow. Cotton germinates best in temperatures between 75-80°F. Decorate them first with paint and draw on a face. Sowing methods and seed rate in Mustard Farming:- Mustard usually sown in Sept – Oct months. Thin seeds to one per pot. You can keep mustard greens wrapped in thin cotton towels in the vegetable crisper of the refrigerator for about one week. Place the growing medium in a small container or saucer and moisten well, then spread the seed thickly over the surface. Cresshead and Cress Caterpillar. All you need is a small pot or tray, high-quality cress seeds and some paper towels or soil. Cress will grow to make an edible hairstyle. One of the easiest things to grow with children is mustard and cress as it grows so quickly. These Particles of soil cling to the stems and leaves and make the end product gritty. To avoid grittiness it is best to grow these on damp sacking material which can be laid on boxes in the greenhouse or on the soil outside. Mustard can be grown in trays of compost or on the surface of pads of cotton wool, flannel, kitchen towel etc. Plant seeds one inch deep. Grow a cress egg head! The seeds take about two weeks to germinate, so don’t get impatient. Place … At St Philip’s Marsh Nursery School we grow cress and mustard as part of our Changes theme. Mustard seed is used in various world cuisines to lend pungent flavor to curries, culinary oils and condiments, including prepared mustard. If mustard crop as pure one, it should be sown by drilling method or if this crop as mixed crop, seeds should be sown by broadcasting or drilling method.mix the seeds with fine sand for uniform spacing. For better germination, seeds should be sown maximum of 6 cm depth in the soil. (Check that the cotton wool remains damp and add a little water if necessary.) How to grow cress seeds in cotton wool? Sow seeds any time of the year. The main difficulty in growing mustard and cress is that the seedlings tend to bring up their seed cases and particles of soil with them. Seed them inside in a high-quality seedling mixture in a warm room with plant lights about six weeks before last expected frost. Leave the pot in a warm light place, and look daily for signs of growth which should happen after about 7 days. Growing cress sprouts on moist paper towels instead of soil reduces the amount of nitrates the crop absorbs, which in turn makes the sprouts taste less bitter. Grow it in used egg-shells with the tops knocked off. Cress Caterpillar.

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