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Below is a guide on how to say ‘I know’ in Korean, with examples of each level. What a Shiny Night Drama Ver.) I've done a report already, but for y'all to know:... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hospital_Playli... 그대 고운 내사랑 (Beautiful My Love) (geudae goun naesalang), 너에게 난, 나에게 넌 (Me To You, You To Me) (neoege nan, na-ege neon), 넌 따뜻해 (Beyond The Rainbow Forest) (neon ttatteushae), 바람이 부네요 (The Wind is Blowing) (balam-i buneyo), 밤이 깊었네 (Oh! Hospital Playlist (OST) lyrics with translations: 사랑하게 될 줄 알았어 (I Knew I Love), 너에게 난, 나에게 넌 (Me To You, You To Me), 아로하, 밤이 깊었네 (Oh! Standard ‘I Love You’ in Korean 1. 압니다 (amnida) 2. 그럼요. 알고 있습니다 (algo itseumnida) 3. Whether you’re agreeing in a super weak, passive, willy-nilly way or want to use it in another fashion. Geureomyo. Translation of '사랑하게 될 줄 알았어 (I Knew I Love) (salanghage doel jul al-ass-eo)' by Hospital Playlist (OST) (슬기로운 의사생활) from Korean to English (bam-i gip-eossne), 사랑하게 될 줄 알았어 (I Knew I Love) (salanghage doel jul al-ass-eo), 시청 앞 지하철 역에서 (In Front of City Hall at the Subway Station) (sicheong ap jihacheol yeog-eseo), 좋은 사람 있으면 소개시켜줘 (Introduce Me A Good Person) (joh-eun salam iss-eumyeon sogaesikyeojwo), 화려하지 않은 고백 (Confession Is Not Flashy) (hwalyeohaji anh-eun gobaeg), AC/DC - Rock 'N' Roll Ain't Noise Pollution, AC/DC - Ain't No Fun (Waiting Round to Be a Millionaire), Federico Garcia Lorca - Dos muchachas - La Lola y Amparo, Bobby Darin - Rote Rosen für Cindy (You're the Reason I'm Living) lyrics request, Faisal Alawi - يا ذي تبون الحسيني (Ya They Tboun El Hosaini). What a Shiny Night Drama Ver.) The dictionary form of the verb “to love” is 사랑하다 (saranghada). To turn it into an ‘I know’, you need to drop the 다 (da) and attach the proper conjugation depending on which level of formality the expression will be used in. 사랑해요 (saranghaeyo) This is the standard way of saying “I love you” in Korean. Now you know a good 15 ways to say I agree in Korean. As a “hada” verb, it has a regular conjugation so should be easy to use in different situations. Formal ‘I Know’ in Korean 1. Here are a few phrases that may be helpful for you to know. The simplest way to say "I love you" in Korean is "saranghae," but there are a few other expressions you can use to convey your affection, as well. Don't forget to leave thanks and show your support if you like my translation :) and please don't use without credits, Again today, I’m calling you like a habit, You made me into the happiest person in the world, Then I’ll hold onto you, just like you did for me, But I turned away but you still waited for me, Translations of "사랑하게 될 줄 알았어 (I Knew...", 사랑하게 될 줄 알았어 (I Knew I Love) (salanghage doel jul al-ass-eo), 너에게 난, 나에게 넌 (Me To You, You To Me) (neoege nan, na-ege neon), Alexander Blok - Ночь, улица, фонарь, аптека (Noch', ulica, fonar', apteka), Tepod Mab Kerlevenez - Roue kentañ ar Vrezhoned, Fyodor Tyutchev - Последняя любовь (Poslednyaya lyubovʹ), The Hunchback of Notre Dame (OST) - La cour des miracles [The Court of Miracles] (European French). Final word of agreement, and too, a common word to know – to leave you with. Savage Garden's official music video for 'I Knew I Loved You'. In general, “Maybe” is a common and most know word in Korean. 15) Absolutely.

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