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Civil engineering has been hit pretty hard by the recession - more than other types of engineering I think. Whether that will happen by the time you get your degree, I have no idea. Civil Engineering focuses on the infrastructure and the general look of a city. Is a Civil Engineering degree worth it? Civil engineers build and repair a wide variety of structures, including not only common structures such as roads, bridges and buildings but also more specialized construction projects such as dams and sewage treatment facilities. I need to answer this in two parts - bear with me. Far from it. It depends on you. Your understanding of your chosen area of specialisation will have to be as in-depth as you can make it, so you’ll need to narrow your focus as you progress through education to the real world of industry. Plus, it might take you multiple cycles to get in. Civil engineers aren’t architects, per se, as ones are artists and dreamers, while the other ones are laughing at them and focus more on the practical and structural elements. So financially the answer to the question “is it worth it” would be “it depends.” However, money is not the only factor here. My ex had a hard time finding another job in 2009 and 2010 even though she had a few years experience. In the discussion on Reddit where Burberry responded Kestral Lowing made a very good point. The time, cost of attendance, the 80 hour workweek in residency, and the paperwork you have to slog through is just not worth it if your heart is not into it. If I was you, I would try to find alternative ways to use my engineering degree, like as a consultant or freelancer, to spice things up. I think it's definitely a field that will recover, but it may be slow. There are additional considerations to examine when looking into getting an MS in Engineering. Civil engineering is an expansive branch of the discipline that deals with the improvement of civil infrastructure. As you study civil engineering, it’s worth thinking about the career you want to end up in, so that you can focus your learning and training as specifically as possible. There, that’s all you need to know. In fact, I switched from Mechanical Engineering curriculum half way through to Civil Engineering because I was convinced Civil would be a more viable career in the long run.

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