minute maid soft frozen orangeade

:) Guest Post Guidelines Has anyone find it in a supermarket yet? It’s the only time we ever get to eat them and we, meaning my family except me, never snack so it’s always a treat. LOVED them and so did my granddaughters. The one thing that I have noticed is that Disney Snack prices haven’t soared in line with ‘general theme park inflation’. I live in Michigan and have been craving them ever since. Info for Gluten Free, Vegetarian, and other Special Diets in Disney It was great! Lynne — You know, I was really impressed that it was only 320 calories! I tried Orangeade and it is so sweet for me but very refreshing. This is the PERFECT ice cream treat for a parent! I so wish I could find some at home. Like I said, I carried this around in my camera bag for a lot of the day and could keep dipping in everytime I needed a chilly treat. Filed Under: Animal Kingdom, Counter-Service, disney parks, disney's hollywood studios, Epcot, magic kingdom, Snacks Tagged With: frozen lemonade, lemonade, minute maid orangeade, minute maid soft frozen lemonade, orange ade, orangeade, strawberry lemonade. Tara S. — They’re not at EVERY cart in the parks, but you should be able to find a few carts in each park that carry them! Disney Fantasy Cruise Ship Restaurants and Dining. © 2020 The Disney Food Blog. Or here to see the Disney Food Blog IN the news. This is especially handy if you follow a special diet. I hadn’t tried them yet after 20 years of visits and 4 years of writing a food blog, so I totally understand your priorities. Jenn — Yummmmm frozen cherry limeade! I’ll pass. And the taste? Are they available at the carts in all the parks? The calories don’t bother me as much as the sodium does. News: Joffrey’s Disney Coffee to be Sold in Grocery Stores Nationwide! I met a friend and we spent the day in the Magic Kingdom, ( my favorite park!) Some of the quick service locations will also have them in a refrigerated section. Lemonade should be a little less on the sweet side. The ingredient list appears right on the cup. If you want a cool treat on a hot day and you’re not at Disney, I’ve seen these (and the frozen cherry limeades) at Dollar Tree, too. Privacy Policy Google+. I do not belong to Sam’s club where is where they said I could buy it! I’m almost tempted to drive the 7 hours to get some!!!!! Where did you find them for sale at home? Jenny — What’s up with sodium in something like this? Disney World Restaurant Search Tool Kristen — No problem at all! Here, too! GG — Ha ha! I posted in August trying to find where to purchase the Minute Maid Soft Frozen Orangeaid as well…. Plus, if there’s something I’ve always wondered about on my trips to WDW, I figure other people are wondering about it, too. I’ll have to look for that one! Terms of Service There are too many fresh, delicious treats made at the parks to have something I could get anywhere else. I tried the Orangeade first. Had the Orangeade in June in Magic Kingdom. It was perfect! Loved the strawberry frozen lemonade I had at Disney world. Yes! Kathy, they come in small cups, 4 to the box! PHOTOS: This Fan-Favorite Character Got a FESTIVE Makeover in Disney World! The AMAZING Disney World Main Street Bakery Cinnamon Rolls (With Step by Step Pics AND SECRET TIPS!). It was the best thing to eat on a hot summer day at Disney!! The thing you have to understand is that we always like to be comprehensive here on DFB. For a product such as this 28% juice isn’t bad. What’s New At Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort: Holiday Cupcakes and Plant-Based Macarons! This is my sister’s “go-to” snack when it’s a hot day at the Disney park. The countdown is on for us, 25 days! They used to sell these in a squeeze up triangular tube. These have been around the parks for YEARS, but I couldn’t give up my addiction to that soft, gushy Frozen Lemonade to try these Minute Maid versions. FACE DONUTS Have Arrived at Disney World! I love the tart flavor of lemonade, but the strawberry adds just a little sweetness, and the berry flavor gives it an extra flavor dimension. I’m glad I did try them, though; they really hit the spot in the summer when you’d rather not have something ice creamy. Where can I buy them? That brings up another excellent point: these soft frozen lemonades are sealed, so they’re a great option if you are worried about cross contamination from other ingredients. What’s New Around Walt Disney World: March 15, 2016, 21 Myths About Walt Disney World Food DEBUNKED.

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