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With nothing left, Ben accepted Ezekiel's offer, and was maint… Here are the top ten things you didn't know about Uncle Ben. He was portrayed by the late Cliff Robertson in all three of Sam Raimi's film trilogy. After the battle with Sandman and Venom, Marko explains to Peter that he only wanted Ben's car, as Marko needed to steal money in order to help his critically ill daughter Penny. Ben Parker received spider-powers when he accompanied his nephew Peter to a science demonstration where he was bitten by a radioactive spider. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. This history of him being an honored member of the armed forces has no doubt inspired Peter to be a better version of himself. Unfortunately for this universes Spidey, one of his villains discovered his identity and murdered both May and Peter. Suffering one of the many low points of being a hero, Spider-Man was needing a pep talk at the time. Born in Brooklyn, New York, Ben ended up leaving the city to pursue a career as a successful military police officer. They then tell one another there was no way of knowing what would happen, and they need to move forward. Created by writer Stan Lee and artist Steve Ditko in 1962. An angry Ben eventually even convinces J Jonah Jameson to stop smearing Spider-Man in the press. If you go back and read the origin of Spider-Man in Amazing Fantasy #15, it turns out Ben never said that line. He graduated from Iowa State University in 2019 and has written at CBR for over a year. Then, due to a horrible scheme by Doc Ock, the whole Earth is plunged into nuclear fallout. In the alternate MC2 universe, Peter has a daughter with his wife named Mayday Parker. Without Ben, Peter never would have become as great of a hero as he is. Having been bitten by the radioactive spider instead of Peter, Uncle Ben took up the Spider-Man mantle using costumes and gadgets designed by Peter. Although he never fought any supervillains, Ben's military experience made him quite the hand to hand combatant, skills which he did end up using on an occasion or two. Peter tells Reilly no, saying that Uncle Ben never would've wanted that. Related: 10 Heroes Who Could Take Spider-Man’s Spot In the MCU. Although the circumstances remain rather mysterious as to how Strange was able to transport Ben to the present, Spidey could not have been happier to have five minutes to speak with his uncle. Unfortunately for one of the bullies, he tried to get to Charlie despite Ben's warning. Unfortunately for this universes Spidey, one of his villains discovered his identity and murdered both May and Peter. Related: Marvel: Every Spider-Man Clone, Ranked. Frequently shown as an avid fan/supporter of Captain America, learning about Ben's military history makes the reason for his admiration become quite apparent. https://spiderman-films.fandom.com/wiki/Uncle_Ben_(Cliff_Robertson)?oldid=17438. This Uncle Ben actually being Ben Reilly, rather than Ben Parker. Realizing how desperate Marko is to help his own daughter and understanding the importance of forgiveness over revenge, Spider-Man forgave Marko who drifted away into the wind. During the Dark Reign storyline, Hercules and Amadeus Cho travel to the Underworld during the trial of Zeus, and run into a familiar face from Marvel history. No one was better suited to give him one than Ben. Related: Spider-Man: 10 Worst Things Carnage Has Ever Done. Uncle Ben then quickly used his army training to take the bully out rather quickly. While this upset fans who expected to still see Uncle Ben in some fashion, a Reddit theory indicates that Uncle Ben may have been introduced into the MCU already. Created by writer Stan Lee and artist Steve Ditko in 1962. This man introduces himself as none other than Ben Parker. An electrician by trade, he acted as a father figure for Peter through his upbringing. She is shocked and upset upon first hearing it walking away silently from Peter. Although Amazing Spider-Man #1 already started with Uncle Ben dead, through flashbacks and other means we have learned a lot about the character since then. Eventually, it was retconned that Uncle Ben did, in fact, say the line. During the time where Peter was contemplating giving up his alter-ego Peter sees in a flashback a physical representation of Uncle Ben, encouraging Peter to continue on as Spider-Man. Next: 10 Best Spider-Man: The Animated Series Villains, Ranked. Losing his temper during Ben's speech, Peter tells him to stop pretending like he's his father. During the Spider-Verse event, comic fans got to see a slew of different Spider-Men from all over the multiverse. Michael is a professional journalist, author and writer. He was portrayed by the late Cliff Robertson in all three of Sam Raimi 's film trilogy. Over the course of Mayday's life, she is reminded of how great her Uncle Ben was. The tragedy brings the two Parker men closer together. One of these was a Spider-Man who was non-other than Uncle Ben. Later that night, Ben is apparently shot by a carjacker whose accomplice, Dennis Carradine, Peter refused to stop when cheated out of his money by the man Carradine robbed. Quickly finding out Peter is Spider-Man, Ben encourages Peter to keep being a superhero in honor of his aunt. Intimidated by the old man's skills the bullies all ran in fear. Peter blames himself for not stopping the robber, and Ben for not protecting his wife. Although they still inhabited many of the traditional values they always had in the mainstream continuity, these new characters were made with a modern twist that kept them interesting. It turns out that this version of Uncle Ben and Aunt May were hippies back in the day. Any Spider-Man fan knows how important Uncle Ben is to the character. There are many subtle and overt nods to their past, but one of the most significant ones is Uncle Ben's ponytail. It turns out that this new Jackal is actually the resurrected Ben Reilly, and he's using a form of cloning technology to seemingly (but not really) bring people back to life. Here are facts about Spider-Man's role model. It turns out that Ben is enjoying the afterlife quite a bit, describing it as paradise. This shocked Marko, who feels extreme remorse for killing Ben. RELATED: 10 Times Spider-Man Became A Villain. storylines, they decided to explore the possibility of Uncle Ben surviving and Aunt May dying. A one-stop shop for all things video games. Probably born in 1933 or 34, as he mentions he is 68 years of age in the first film (which is presumably set in 2002, the year it was released), Uncle Ben and Aunt May take care of their nephew, Peter Parker in the absence of his parents for unknown reasons. In the original comic it was simply a narration by Stan Lee, not connected to any character in the story. Ben Parker, commonly known as Uncle Ben, is a fictional supporting character from the Marvel Comics' Spider-Man series. The life lessons Peter learned from his Uncle, and the guilt Peter has over his complicitness in Ben's death has continued to drive him to this day. One of the most famous clones in Marvel comics is Scarlet Spider, the clone of Spider-Man.

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