vermintide 2 ironbreaker build 2020

Booming Taunt makes your career skill more valuable than other options since with Drakfire weapon you can’t do too much other than blocking. save. Reads more like an IB does nothing every game build. Or pull the Boss aggro onto you with so your low health teammates have a better chance surviving. There is no tank mechanic in this game. Always swift slaying. Try it out sometime. Not really, the stagger from the shield is useful for pushing hordes back. Drakki Wrath provides the most consistent damage boost to your Drakefire weapons.,1,3,3/8,4,5,8/3,2,5/5,1,2/3,2,2. You can also switch out curse resist for cooldown reduction if you play on cata. Clad in magnificent runic armour and brandishing weapons of incomparable make, they muster in the deepest, darkest tunnels, prosecuting an endless battle against Skaven and worse. Recommend to pair with melee weapons like Two-Handed Hammer, Hammer and Shield, Dual Hammers. You need some practice to learn using as little charge time as possible to kill different types of Horde Mobs with your charge stream attack. indicates a possible change to be made in the build. Important ... Ironbreaker Ironbreaker: Dual Hammers + Crossbow. TALENTS: Rock-Breaker, Blood of Grimnir, Bulwark, Gromril Curse, Miner's Rhythm, Oi! The few times your ult will be up during a match since you aren't using rolling mountain + a weapon that is actually good means your team gets no benefit from you for 80-90% of the map, and you also do nothing since your melee sucks. I also don't get hit very often so the 7 second decrease isn't as useful. For Horde Mobs, you can one blast kill Skaven horde, two blast kill Chaos horde, three blast kill Beastman horde. This build is meant for Drakefire Pistol. Press J to jump to the feed. If you're a melee character the melee talents will do better damage in melee, Gromril curse sounds great in theory, in practice it's hit or miss for me. It isn't always a one-shot like handgun is, but it has much better boss DPS with headshots and better ammo. Due to the lack of long range damage, you need to try your best to Tag Specials and protect those range careers that can help you deal with them. The core talent of this build is Level 25 talent The Rolling Mountain and Level 30 talent Drengbarazi Oath. Recommend to pair with melee weapons like Axe, Hammer, Great Axe, War Pick, Two-handed Hammer. Have you ever saved your whole team while being chased by a horde? IMO Bardin's ult is to take aggro and absorb a ton of damage, booming taunt makes his ult serve that purpose better. D3 Crusader Fresh Level 70 Guide S22 | 2.6.10 As an tanky Iron Breaker, you should still prioritize at staggering Elites with your melee, then focus on horde damage with your range weapon. I end most legend runs with less than 200 damage taken and it's mostly thanks to this talent, If you push a ton take Miner's Rhythm, if not rolling mountain. Conservative shooter is better than scrounger if you're heading heads. Potions don't benefit IB as much as other characters so getting an extra 100% value out of a potion instead of 50% is better. Vermintide 2 Wiki is a Fandom Gaming Community.,1,3,6/6,1,3,2/3,2,1/4,1,2/3,2,2. For Level 30 talent. Tunnel fighter is guaranteed value. The first choice you basically have to make when playing Ironbreaker, is whether to use a shield or not. Written by beehivehenry / Apr 8, 2020 A fine build wont stop them from walking off cliffs though. It is entirely up to you which ranged weapon you want to use, I use the Handgun to easily dispatch enemies from afar. The build gives your team a surefire way to get at least 1 Grimoire and 1 Tome. Warhammer: Vermintide 2. I run natural bond since IB takes so little damage with gromril, but barskin and boon are both great as well. If you think all of Ironbreaker's benefits lie on his ultimate, then you're highly mistaken.,1,3,6/7,4,5,8/3,2,5/3,5,2/3,2,2. This page was last edited on 26 March 2020, at 11:39. The Ironbreaker is as close to a “tank” as you can get in this game. If you find yourself pushing a lot, run attack speed and stamina, if you don't push very much, run block cost reduction. And you still have 10% ammo back every time a special died. I'd swap out decanter for proxy, as even with decanter you won't get too much value out of a purple pot. I recently switched to it from Tunnel Fighter and it's nice not having to worry about being hooked by a stray Packmaster while hacking through a horde. 1.8k. Even with Drakefire weapon, you should still secure your teammate’s safety then start using Drakfire Pistol/Drakegun. When there are Elites mixing inside a bunch of mobs, try to peel horde mobs off from them and focus on mobs, so other Elites killing careers have more space to do what they are good at. Vermintide 2: Ironbreaker Career – Talents, Builds Guide. Everyone is always under attack. ), but I think your build could be optimized a little.

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